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Christmas & Autumn Creativity

Once again we find ourselves approaching the festive period. It is a such a predictably middle aged thing to state but the years really do absolutely whizz by these days (I know, I said it, I'm shaking my own head) ... No sooner do the children go back to school and uni than selection boxes are wheeled out in the supermarkets and people start whispering if it's too soon to mention the C word!

But I do so love it. It is such a positive time of year. The hunkering down, cosy lamplight, toasty throws - more of those considering we are resolutely refusing the put the heating on until at least December - and the inexplicable desire for red not white?

And for me, every year the inevitable decorative adventure.

Wreath Classes

The most asked question since "are we there yet"....

We always have such fun on these occasions. I prefer to think of them more as gatherings as opposed to classes as I find that these days so so many people have undertaken one or more of these events - in fact I could probably learn a thing or two.... to this end I'm not sure I'll be up for an award for the best wreath making teacher because I generally like to let people get super creative but I am of course there to provide a guiding hand and if you're a complete beginner I won't let you flounder.

For those who fancy a change to the norm, I always offer the opportunity to instead make a candle based decoration for your festive table - if you would like to do this then please let me know at the time of booking and I will of course oblige!

These little 'gatherings' are £40 per person and include an abundance of goodies to make your own spectacular creation and a good dose of Yorkshire hospitality in my cosy little stable (how apt) with the log fire turned up.

I have put the following dates in the calendar as a starter for ten:

Tuesday 6th December 7-9pm

Saturday 10th December 10am -12pm

Tuesday 13th December 7-9pm

Custom dates can be booked for groups of six or more.

DIY Wreath Kits

One of the positive things to come out of lock down was the DIY Wreath Kit and I'm surprised I never thought of it before! But there you go, we all need a shove sometimes.

The box contains a wreath base, wire, ribbon, all the foliage, berries, flowers and bits and bobs you need to enjoy a fabulous evening at home letting your creativity rip.... or, as many have done over the last couple of years, gather a group of friends and have an adventurous night over a bottle or two of vino.

Needless to say the box also includes a detailed set of instructions.

They are priced at £30 per person and can be pre-ordered by emailing and collected from the studio.

Custom Ready Made Wreaths and Arrangements

It wouldn't be December if I wasn't up to my eyeballs in orange slices and cinnamon sticks and with the sorest fingers on the planet. But it is always a joy to put together a finished masterpiece. Whether that be in the traditional style or to suit a custom colour of your choice. Wreaths start at £40 and table centres at £30. Please drop me a line to discuss your ideas and we can go from there.

Autumn Wreaths

If you're keen there is still time to order an autumn wreath to start the decorative period a bit earlier. Lots of foraged rusty goodness, it really is the loveliest time of year for spectacular colour. Prices start from £40.

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