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Seeds of Doubt!

Despite being a florist for the last ten years, I am forced to admit that gardening has never been my forte... or rather I've never really given it a great deal of thought. I've chucked a few bits in the garden and hoped for the best. I've killed nearly every house plant I've been given and 18 months ago I would never in a million years have considered that I would be attempting - I can't stress that word enough - to build a flower farm.

I'd like to say it was a lightbulb moment but it wasn't. It was the culmination of happy circumstance coming together, as most ideas often are. Finding a wonky wheelbarrow. Parents in law who love to garden, the luck of space, the rising cost of wholesale flowers, the immediate sense of mindfulness brought about by just doing a bit of weeding and then suddenly your thoughts develop and you realise that you want to make this place pretty, like really pretty and on and on until can't think of anything better than a cut flower patch. And that's what we're calling it for now. Because I may prove to be the worst gardener in the world and it'll all come to nothing - so we'll shelve flower farm just for the moment.

At the bottom of our garden there are the remnants of an old walled garden. It's very small, but it's enough to make one curious for what might once have been there. Soon after we moved in however a new neighbour was kind enough to show us a picture of what once existed on the site - including a swimming pool. The kids, obviously, have not stopped nagging to have it reinstated since they found out. No.

So with aforementioned wonky wheel barrow, a cheap fork from Yorkshire Trading and a few hours of YouTube under our belt we began trying to bring some order to this little patch of overgrown wilderness. Without a single clue what we were doing!!

The bed on the left hand side has had the same treatment - though we seem to be very haphazard with our photography - and this morning I have spent a soggy morning planting 60 of my established biennial seedlings without a great deal of confidence or knowledge but with lots of love and quite a bit of faith that sun, water and soil will do whatever job I failed to have managed.

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