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Soggy Doesn't Cover It

Today marks my second Flower Friday since I started 'back' to work - officially! Its a slow start - what did I expect I've been off for a year, I have no shop front and I'm woefully poor at advertising but that's ok. I've started before so I'll start again and with a bit of faith and luck it'll be busy in no time. That said, I had flowers to do for an event, flowers for the church rota, a couple of bouquets and I treated myself to a door wreath with the left overs - happy days. But as I write this the sun is shining and it belies the utter downpour I found myself in this morning, tramping around the fields loading up the back of the car with foraged goodies, water dripping in my eyes, pouring down my boots into my socks and thinking crikey why do people think floristry is glamourous. It's not. But it does make you incredibly fulfilled.

We have two fields at the bottom. They're not massive but big enough. The top one is home to the most beautiful willow tree I've ever seen and it's almost picture perfect as you approach it through the old gate. We've kept on top of this by various means, almost blowing up the ancient ride on we inherited with the house - almost but he survived and I've been kind to him ever since, because it's a lovely place to sit with a glass on wine on the very old and very rusty swing bench (again another inherited piece that looks quite quaint when you chuck a blanket and cushion on it) in the evening summer sun.

The bottom field however... well that's another story. Its bumpy and scraggy and we should have topped it but we never have and now it's just this overgrown wasteland leading down to the beck - but for all that it is an absolute haven for wildlife - we had deer in there last year - the dogs think it's the best playground in the world and it's really quite hilarious to watch them try and leap the tufts and mounds, but mostly it's served as an absolute paradise for wildflowers, trees, branches, grasses and berries so its the place to go on a soggy morning, clippers in hand, to forage for goodies.

And the colours! Oh wow the colours. I always get to summer and think yep this is definitely the best time of year, it's brights, and blousy and so nice to awaken from a deep dark winter. But I forget. I forget that these early autumn days, when the sun graces us with it's presence, light up like fire and I never fail to be awed but the abundance of tones and textures, deep lush inviting and homely colours. I just love it. And as a palette for florals it's, in my opinion, hands down the best.

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