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Welcome to the Farm

As we move into our second winter on the farm, and I begin to prepare to return to work it may seem like a belated welcome, but none the less heartfelt.

So this is me, Sarah. Mostly, yes, wearing clothes upside down and inside out. Most happiest in an ancient holey pair of jeans or shorts.

In early 2021 Lee and I decided to buy a house together. It was a whirlwind affair, as were we, but we quickly found and fell in love with a little cottage in a busy North Yorkshire village.

Alas this was not to be, as often these things turn out to be. Oh I cried. A lot.

Then one blustery morning overlooking the North Sea in a friends seaside cottage scrolling through Rightmove over a cuppa in bed, as you do, we decided to change parameters and this place popped up. Absolutely nothing, nothing about it conformed with any of the things we'd previously been looking for but it literally - seriously - spoke to us....

August 2nd 2021 our adventures began.

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